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Some of us that can please you
    Ebenezer Scrooge

    He had decided to play just once. But the following day, they sent a boy to tell him that they were waiting for him.

    Ebenezer Scrooge
    Miss Havisham

    Drinks, as usual. Shrewd as you are, you shouldn't have to take your wallet out often

    Miss Havisham
    President Wife and so CEO
    Uriah Heep

    The fact remains that it was for him, in his heart of hearts, a kind of defeat, the day when, at the insistence of Mme Maigret

    Uriah Heep
    Art Inventor
    Tiny Tim

    He settled himself before the green baize of the card table, and asked like a beginner - How much do we play for

    Tiny Tim
    Responsible for everything
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Strictly speaking, one of 'the group at the Grand Café


Gradually, he adopted the special vocabulary


They never asked what they took, as she knew in advance


Decided to play just once, but the following day, they said

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